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Empowering Decision Makers

We provide AI-enabled global platform that empowers the ecosystem of employers featuring employees verification and rating mechanism.

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million is cost to company over bad hires.

About us

We believe in creating
a balanced corporate ecosystem

Ratifys is an Indian business and employee-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps.

The platform is mainly used for professional services to empower the employer ecosystem and network and allows companies to verify and rate their employees. Ratifys allows employers to create profiles and "connect" to each other (employers) on a global platform that may represent real-world professional relationships.

Our Concept

One bad hire can lead to a domino effect of more bad hires and decisions costing a company millions

What We Do
What We Do

Combine technology with the process to create an ecosystem for better decisions making & minimize the risk factor in Human Resource Management.

What We Offer
What We Offer

A range of services to empower & upgrade Human Resource Management by providing comprehensive authentic required information.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To empower employeer by providing them with an ecosystem for better decision making & communication.

Ratifys Shape
Ratifys Shape

Everything you need to build your preferred verification funnel

From agile startups to top enterprises - companies trust Ratifys to make smart hiring decisions with prompt, reliable, and accurate background checks.

Know Your Employee by Ratifys

Know Your Employee

Efficiently find valuable & verified resources from our data pool as per your requirement with added features such as employee check, skills check, etc. Check employee rating on pre-defined skills parameters & attributes as per our research & past employer feedbacks for better decision making.

Employee Verification by Ratifys

Employee Verification

Employment verification is the process of proving an employee’s relationship with an employer and other related details. Employees often seek to verify employment on their own by providing their resume, paystubs, or signed agreements. However, many requests require formal confirmation from current or past workplaces, so employees often pass requests on to their employers.

Rate Your Employee by Ratifys

Rate Your Employee

Rate your current & past employees on pre-defined parameters & attributes for creating a verified & cheating-free ecosystem, which would help in establishing a risk-free environment for both employees & employers.

Rate Your Employee by Ratifys


Ice Out is an informal list of employees shared by their respective past employers who are eligible and qualified for the job but may not meet other criteria that would conflict with corporate culture or colleagues.

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Ratifys Shield Batch

Enable your company’s hawk eye with Ratifys Shield Badge.

Post a Ratifys Shield badge on your website or in your email signature as social proof that your hiring process is secured with well-structured compliances to mitigate risks and future uncertainties.

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NB Infra
Propking Realty
Mistry & Shah
Code Shastra
Goldfeather Freight Pvt Ltd
Granth Info
Nitin Soni
Qepos Solution Ltd
Shubham Women Hospital
Silver Oak University
Subodh Logistics
Ashish Interbuild

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