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Ratifys Shield

Post a Ratifys Shield badge on your website or in your email signature as social proof that you hire employees with utmost sincerity to avoid future uncertainties.

Ratifys Shape
Ratifys Shape

Benefits of Ratifys

Be Safe

Get safe among your peers to show verified hiring process, and how you add up to the competition.

Show Confidence

Bring confidence into your cliental as genuine employees mean fewer uncertainties in output.

Avoid Risk

The badge displays your robust hiring process which avoids notorious applications in your pipeline.

Genuine Information

The badge is a symbol of a rigorous verification process that psychologically impacts applicants to avoid sharing manipulated information.

Quality Brand Image

The badge helps your company to build a brand image based on trust, quality & authenticity.

Process Master

The badge vows your company healthy & secure regulatory compliances.

Improve Conversion

It’s been observed trust & compliances badges improve your conversion ratio

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Our Process

Adding a Ratifys Badge Is Easy: Follow These 3 Steps to Get Started

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Create Account

Login with your credentials into your organisations Ratifsy account.


Select Badge

Select the "Ratifys Badge" from your organisations Ratifys account menu.


Copy Script

Copy the script and add it where you want the badge to appear on your website.

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